About Disaster Action Alliance (DAA)

Our Mission
Foster a proactive and efficient cross-sector disaster ecosystem in the U.S.

Our Purpose
Positively impact communities in the U.S. affected by natural disasters through cross-sector collaboration with the goal of leveraging respective disciplines and resources to strengthen communities year-round.

Participants of the DAA work together to:

  • Collectively respond to natural disasters
  • Establish year-round capacity for disaster relief planning and response
  • Increase awareness of the best ways to help in times of natural disasters
  • Share examples of successful disaster response collaboration
  • Leverage best practices and tools in all phases of the disaster ecosystem


Participant Pledge

In the fall of 2018, corporations and response partners with a presence in Atlanta committed to exploring how they could better partner together – before, during and after disaster – to have a more meaningful impact in communities across the country. Now, as we move forward with planning and activating the Disaster Action Alliance (DAA), we ask participants to consider the level of involvement that is right for your organization at this time.

The below expectations and benefits may help you consider in what ways your organization will engage with the DAA. You may be able to commit to some items immediately, while others may be commitments your organization will work toward in the future.

To accept the pledge or express interest in joining the Disaster Action Alliance, please click here.



  • Attendance and engagement at group covenings
  • Participation in at least one working group outside of full group convenings


  • Network of fellow CSR and disater relief professionals
  • Access to collaborative resources
  • Shared best practices
  • Joint volunteer opportunities


Where it All Started - Inaugural Disaster Relief Forum


Collaborating During Disasters - Disaster Action Alliance in Action


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